Retaining Walls and Garden Structures

Retaining Walls

pergolas surreyWe cover all brickwork requirements including repair and new build.  We also build walls from block and/or timber.

Retaining walls can prove to be the ideal solution for many garden landscapes and choosing the correct method of construction to suit your needs is very important. You will also have legal considerations and although it might seem like a small build in comparison to house extensions, you may still require planning permission, a permit and a completion certificate depending on the dimensions of your new wall. These are points that need to be thoroughly checked before any work is started in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Bespoke Timber Structures

Having a Pergola or similar on your patio can be the perfect adornment for those who want to add some extra space to their garden. The amazing thing is that they not only provide protection against sun but they also offer style and comfort. Many people have started to use their patios in the warmer weather and so, the pergola patios became their summer oasis.

pergolas surreyIf you intend to have a pergola built, you should initially think about it’s placement in your garden, we can help you there. Of course, you should also think of the material that matches best with the mood of the area where you will place it, another area of our expertise.

So, why build a pergola? The absence of walls and a roof allow a pergola to define any outdoor space without actually constraining it.  It’s a unique architectural marriage that places you both inside and outside at the same time, and it’s just the thing to bring your backyard landscaping to life.

Add a climbing plant such as ivy, wisteria or, yes, even grapevines, and your pergola will provide some color and shade as well.